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Published on:

12th Sep, 2023

Episode 1

Published on:

29th Sep, 2023

Episode 2

Published on:

29th Sep, 2023

Episode 11

Published on:

1st Oct, 2023

Episode 12

Published on:

3rd Oct, 2023

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About the Podcast

Lonely Boy
A Novel in Sound and Color
Angst. Awkwardness. Artistry. Adventure. Welcome to the wonder years.

Lonely Boy, a 10-episode fictional audio drama by Matt Geiler, is a vivid coming-of-age story of resilience, first love, family secrets, and self-discovery.

Indie pop sensation Frederick Julius is an intensely private person. But while promoting his latest album on the Power & Pop podcast, he reveals secrets from the pivotal two weeks that inspired it.

Fall 1987 - 13 year-old Freddy lives with his mother, father, and younger brother in the country outside a small Nebraskan town. Summer is ending and middle school looms large. When girls from the neighboring town of Eagle invite him to a party, his creative inner life becomes saturated with sound and color. But even as Freddy's artistic talent begins to flourish under the guidance of an encouraging art teacher, dark clouds gather at home and a storm of uncertainty is rising.

Can Freddy navigate his new middle school, find friends, and make his mark?

Can he learn the mysteries of the Eagle Girls without being sidelined?

And can he stand strong as his father's escalting fury endangers those he loves most?

If you like resilient and steadfast heroes, the awkward blush of first kisses, pop music, and a hearty dash of 1980s nostalgia, you'll love Matt Geiler’s vivid and heart-wrenching young adult audio drama, Lonely Boy.

Each 30-60 minute episode includes an original indie pop track inspired by the story. Like what you hear? Subscribe to our email list to get exclusive content and announcements about upcoming projects!

Written and Performed by Matt Geiler
Audio Design and Editing by Edison Geiler
Produced by Sick Picnic Media

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